Salatul Jumu’ah Begins At 12:45 PM. Average Duration 30 mins.

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🚨 Our construction timeline has shifted, and we need your support to ensure the completion of the mosque.

💰 You can contribute to the mosque by donating towards specific parts such as doors, windows, classrooms, and more. Visit our donation page to see how you can make a difference!

🌟 Your generous donations will help us create a sacred space for our community to gather and worship together. Let’s build a legacy for generations to come!

Sadaqah - Zakat - Sadaqah Al Fitr

Jumma Prayer time

Jumma Prayer time is for October and November is 1:00 PM

Quran Class

Register your child for Quran lessons


Give your Sadaqa, Zakat, Qurban in our New Donation Page

Online Sermons

We have weekly sermons on a variety of topics.

Construction Project

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Many thanks for all contributors.

Please continue supporting the Quba Mosque construction.

Quba Mosque Mawlid Commemoration

Mawlid is a very special time for Muslims worldwide as we come together to commemorate the noble Birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
You are invited to our spiritual program to celebrate this important day.

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Bank Transfer Details

BANK: National Australia Bank
Acc name: Quba Mosque
Bsb: 083-004
Acc: 76-092-4695


Reference: Your mobile or email

If your card does not have sufficient funds, we kindly ask that you consider making a bank transfer instead. When submitting your donation via bank transfer, please be sure to include a reference in the designated reference box, specifying which project you wish to support, such as Minber, Minaret, Kursu, etc.

Quba Mosque Project

This is an Opportunity for you to be part of this noble project

Main Course Area for 1000 worshippers

Main Course Area will accomodate 1000 worshippers

Prayer area for 1,500 worshippers

Quba Mosque will accomodate 1500 worshippers

Women's Prayer Area for 500 worshippers

Women’s balcony & hall will accomodate 500 worshippers

Quba Mosque Our Services

We Provide The Best Service For You

Some of our services

Prayers & Study Circles

Prayers & Study Circles

Quba mosque will be available for all prayers and study circles.

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

Classes in Islamic studies, including tafsir, hadith, fiqh and Quran recitation will be organised for people of all ages.



Seminars, lectures, panels and conferences on Islamic and social issues will be held periodically.

Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage Ceremonies

Quba Mosque Imam/marriage celebrant will be available for nikah proceedings and ceremonies through bookings.

Celebrations on Eids

Celebrations on Eids

Celebrations on EIDs and other religious occasions will be held throughout the year for the local community.

Mosque Open Days

Mosque Open Days

Quba Mosque will organise Mosque Open Days for the non-Muslim communities and education institutions on regular basis.

Quba Mosque Project

Quba Mosque will be a landmark with its classical Ottoman Architecture

Quba Mosque will have highest twin minarets in Australia

Quba Mosque will serve as a large community hub


What People Say About
Quba Mosque

Masha Allah, have a big land for further development. Insya Allah will become new centre for all brothers and sisters at craigeburn area.

For the time being, masjid is valuable for Dhuhur and Ashar sholat


Google Review

It’s a place of worship for muslims. Others can welcome to for know about muslims.
A place of calm.
Friday prayers so beautiful.
It starts at around 1:30-2:00 pm
After the prayers there is free foods
Come and test the food


Google Review

It’s a great project. It will be very nice when it is done. I pray for the quick completion of the project with its immaculate and smiling congregation.


Google Review