Let's raise an Islamic Landmark in Victoria!


5:15 pm – Starting with Asr prayer

5:25 pm – Mosque Tour

5:40 pm – Dinner Served

5:45 pm – Official program starts

6:15 pm – Collecting donations and sponsorships for different sections of the mosque

7:15 pm – Fundraising Auction; selling donated jewelry, vouchers, and artworks to finish the car park.

8:15 pm – Finishing with Maghrib prayer

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More than a Mosque
Let's Build a Brighter Future Together!

🌟 New Facilities for Youth Development and Community Building!
Enhanced services for youth and adult development, including Islamic seminars, Quran academy, and more.

🧕 A Platform for Sisters’ Empowerment!
Support workshops and educational programs tailored to the experiences and needs of our sisters in the 21st century and beyond.

📚 Islamic Education Hub!
Our mosque compound will feature 3 classrooms and 3 multifunctional community rooms.